Hey Folks, today we have brought a tool that will help in gathering and extracting information, encoding / decoding and cracking. RedRabbit is a PowerShell script aimed at helping pentesters conduct ethical hacking and at the same time it can be used for red team operation. The aim is to highlight just how Powerful PowerShell is and how it can be used against you (Ethically).

Let’s take a look 😛 !!

Boot PowerShell

We think most of the people would be well aware of the powershell prompt as it works like CMD prompt. We need to run it with administrative privileges.

Tool Installation

So we will use the “WebClient” service to download and run this tool directly at the PowerShell prompt.

COOL 😛 !! As you can see how easily we have setup this tool in our windows machine. After that type “h” on the terminal of this tool and all the features will be in front of you.

Quick Recon

Let’s choose the first option and check if it works.

Works 😛 !! As soon as we select the first option, it dumps all the details related to administrator, system, directory and network.

Also it gives us information related to firewall rules and smb share service.

Subnet Scanner

This option of this tool works like the nmap tool of kali linux because we can get the details of open ports of all the available hosts in a network.

SMB Scanner

If you want to get the information of network file sharing protocol (SMB), you can choose the third option.

Results 😛 !! If a host is vulnerable or the tool are able to communicate with it then it will dump all the data available there to the terminal.

Password Extractions

You can dump all the saved credentials in the system using the following option of this tool.

Nice 😛 !! As you can see we got all the saved wireless keys.

Encoding and Decoding

Encoding and decoding is the most important part in the ethical hacking and red team that you can also do through this tool.

Reverse Shell

To obtain the system’s reverse shell, you need to enter the IP address and port number of the kali linux where the netcat listener is placed.

Aamazing 😛 !! As soon as you enter the IP address and port, the attacker will get complete control of the target machine.

Social Username

In addition, you can hunt some usernames with this tool.

End 😛 !! We have marked only the important feature of this tool because it has too many features that we cannot cover in a single article.

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Shubham Goyal Certified Ethical Hacker, information security analyst, penetration tester and researcher. Can be Contact on Linkedin.

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