In this article, we will learn how to create a persistent backdoor with the help of metasploit framework on the host machine.

What is Persistent Backdoor

As we know that persistence also known as permanent. Persistent backdoors help us to take permanent access of system. There are so many types of Persistent backdoors but it work similar. Usually attacker create a backdoor service with help of metasolpit framework and upload on startup program of the vicitm machine then whenever victim reboot his system the attacker successfully connect back. Almost Persistent backdoors work similar but everyone upload their service in different directory. So in this article we are sharing multiple ways to create permanent backdoor on vicitm machine.

List of Persistence

  • Persistence Winlogon
  • Persistence exe
  • Registry Persistence
  • Persistence Service
  • Kali Linux – Attacker ( Updated Metasploit Framework )
  • Window 10 – Victim System

Lets start !!

To perform all persistent backdoor techniques, we have to compromise of the victim machine with the meterpreter session.
Start your kali machine, navigate on desktop and create a payload by given this command.

Note : Lhost will be according to your ip address.

Share your payload on apache server or php server.

Share your ip to victim so that he would download your payload.

For controlling this payload open metasploit framework and execute this commands by given below.

Nice ! After meterpreter session we need to bypass (UAC) User Account Control to get full privileges of victim account.

When we execute this module you can observe a popup window show on victim machine which will ask yes or no, after click yes by victim.

Successfull ! Now you have administrator rights of victim machine.

Persistence Winlogon

Winlogon is a window component which control many activity such as shutdown, lock screen, loading user profile, logon, logoff etc and registry defines which processes to start during Windows logon.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Userinit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify

In the directory of winlogon has 3 types of registry keys in which we will choose uerinit registry keys for modification

What is Userinit

Userinit is a another component software of windows. it is resporesponsible for window logon.

As you know that we already have compromised of the victim machine and have meterpreter session with admin privileges.
Now we need to go system32 directory for uploading our payload.

After to do this we have to go shell prompt for execute this command given below.

After reboot the system old meterpreter session will be closed and for connect back execute this commands given below.

When victim will login into the system automatically we will get meterpreter session due to autorun script under registry.
Successfully persistence_exe executed !!

Done !!

Persistent EXE Payload

Persistence exe module are another way to create permanent backdoor on victim machine. This Module will upload an executable on C:\Users\hp\AppData\Local\Temp\default.exe to a remote host and make it Permanent backdoor.
After compromise with machine of victim enter these commands for making it persistent.

For connect back execute this commands given below.

When the victim system starts, we will gain meterpreter session again.

Done !!

Registry Persistence

This module create a persistence service and install on HKCU\Software directory in victim machine that is execute during booting of the system.
Use the following commands to execute the registry persistence.

Again for connect back execute this commands given below.

After restart the machine of victim, we will get meterpreter session again.

Done !!

Persistence Service

This module will generate a payload and upload an executable on C:\Users\hp\AppData\Local\Temp\TMsbf.exe directory to a remote host. We already have done compromised with victim machine, so for generate a persistence service execute the commands given below.

For connect back execute this commands given below.

When victim will reboot thier system, then we will get meterpreter session again.

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