Hey Folks, today we are excited because we are going to tell you the method using which you can use easily make control on the new Windows 11 operating system. Basically there is no other way to hack any new windows operating system other than kali linux so we will use the same method but to hack the windows 11 operating system we have to follow few steps which is very important for you to understand.

Let’s try it 馃槢 !!

Payload Creation – Msfvenom

As usual this time also we have to create payload first with the help of “msfvenom“. Not only that we have many options to create payload like “setoolkit, msfpc” etc but for now we will choose manual method. Make sure you have entered the correct localhost IP address.

Share the Payload

Similarly there are many ways available to share your payload but we will take help of kali linux Python utility to share our payload.

Disable the Defender

Hmm 馃檨 !! We are regularly trying to make full undetectable payload for windows 11 but we are not successful yet so we have to disable windows operating system defender first to install this payload in system.

Opps 馃檪 !! Microsoft has patched all the bugs in the new operating system due to which it is refusing to download the payload even after deactivating the defender. But don’t worry once click on “Keep Away” it allows us to download the payload.

Setup Multi Handler

Now it’s time to setup multi handler on attacker box to get reverse connection from victim machine. You only need to execute the following commands sequentially but make sure to change the localhost IP address accordingly. Here you will start getting meterpreter sessions as soon as the victim installs and opens the payload.

Hureeeee 馃槢 !! You have successfully accessed Windows 11 operating system which is really a big deal for you. Now you can take help of “help” command to check all usage.

Wait 馃檪 !! IThis is nothing like what we have presented to you as we are working on our research and trying to find a way to make a fully undetectable payload for windows 11 so make sure to follow us on social media handlers to stay updated.

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Shubham Goyal Certified Ethical Hacker, information security analyst, penetration tester and researcher. Can be Contact on Linkedin.

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