Hey Folks, today we are going to be talk about an fascinating OSINT tool called “Osintgram“. The tool seems like normal OSINT tool but is specifically designed for instagram enumeration and footprinting with lots of interesting features that you’ll never see before.

Lets take a look 🙂 !!


Now first we’ll configure this tool in our terminal and download from github by using git command. Once done it then we have to go to the directory and install the requirements of this tool by using the pip command.

Now before using this tool we have to add some configuration ourselves. First we will create a directory and enter it. After that we will create a “username.conf” and “pw” file in existing directory. In these files you have to give your Instagram account credentials.

Done 🙂 The configuration is done and we can start this tool through the below given command.


We think this error may be comes when you will test this tool hecne you can see that before following the target account from our own account we got an error that the tool may not work properly.


We found a solution that is we have to follow the person whose we want to get the information.


We get a cmd shell after successfully establishing a connection where we can use “list” command to identify the available commands.


In our first attempt we we’ll try to get the followers details by execute the below command on terminal. Once we execute this we get a list of all followers who follow the target.


As you can see the data we are getting through this tool is beautifully arranged in a table. Similarly we can obtain list of the following users.


Through this tool we can obtain email addresses of the users who are already following the target.


Sometimes we need to collect information of specific Instagram users and in that case we can go with this feature.


Through this feature, we can get the exact details of the photo which the victim has uploaded on their profile.

Download Photos

If we want to view all the photo at same time and download it then we can do this with the help of this feature.

After successfully downloading the pictures, we can see them in the output directory.


This feature will give us all the details about the users who have commented on the target uploaded photos.


This feature lets us find people who have tagged targets.

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  1. I after all the process I mean an error which says
    Error: missing “username” field in “config/credentials.ini”
    I would like if you can assist me

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