Hey Folks, in this tutorial we will tell you an information gathering tool by which you can easily know about any secret key that you have even if you find some unknown value and you want to know about it then you can easily get information about it also.

Let’s talk about it 😛 !!

Installation of Requirements

As always this time also we need to install the “Python3” utility first to take control of this tool. We would recommend that you should keep all these types of utilities already installed in your system.

Installation of pyWhat Tool

We have made our job easier by setting the above requirements. Now we just need to execute the following command to install this tool also.

Find Cryptocurrency Addresses

The main part starts from here where we will show you the performance of this tool by detecting the cryptocurrency address. As you can see we have only one unknown value which we have never seen and once we try to detect it through this tool we get to know that the following value is an cryptocurrency wallet address.

Usage 🙂 pywhat “< value >”

Analyzing Pcap File

As we know that “PCAP” extension files are data files that contains the packet data of a network which we can also analyze through this tool.

Usage : pywhat < location of PCAP file >

Find Cards

The most important thing that can attract an attacker is to get complete information about any type of card such as mastercard, visa, debit card etc. 💳

Usage 🙂 !! pywhat < number of card >

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