Hey guys, in this tutorial we will learn how we can do Footprinting, Scanning & Enumeration of any website. For to do this used to various tool or website but with the help of this tool we can do almost everything.

About FinalRecon

FinalRecon tool are hosted on Github page and made in python language. FinalRecon tool used to web reconnaissance such as scanning, enumeration and footprinting.

Read out the features of this tool by given below.

  • Headers – check server, content-tye, xff and encoding.
  • SSLinfo – check security of site.
  • WHOIS – lookup information about the domain
  • Crawl – fetching the web pages or link from website.
  • Dns – check Dns A, AAA and more records.
  • Sub – find the sub domain
  • Trace – can be used in order for debugging purposes
  • Dir – grab the hidden directory.
  • Port Scan (PS) – find the open ports.
  • Full Scan – contains all above scan


Kali Linux ( Tested on 2020.1 )

Lets get started 🙂 !!


FinalRecon tool are hosted on Github page so you need to download from there by using following commands.

Go to the directory that is created after cloning.

This tool requires a few things which you can be complete by using following command.

Now you are ready to execute this tool. Just execute the given command.

Enumerate Headers

Headers contains the additional information which is used to pass between clients and the server. With the help of this option you can obtain information such as :

  • server
  • content-type
  • encoding
  • X-forword-for (XFF)

SSL information

You can check the serial number, version and SSL authority etc.

WHOIS – Domain Footprinting

As you know that whenever person or organization register a new domian then the registration information becomes available for everyone. Hence whois is used to grab the information about the website.

Crawling – Spider Scan

Crawling is a program whose used to fetch the web pages or link from the websites. As you will know that this features are also available in burpsuite but as spider scan.

After complete the crawling You can see the results in this directory in detail.

DNS Footprinting

DNS Footprinting is the process to collecting information about DNS zone data, DNS records and much more.


The subdomain is part of another domain and if you want to grab all the subdomains of the website so you can use this feature.


Trace method can be used in order to debugging purposes and cause of this features attacker can trace the activity of that website.
UDP Port

TCP Port Tracing

Enumerate Directory

With the help of this features you can easily find the directory which is available on that server. If you are a CTF player then this feature can help you.

PS ( Port Scan )

It has port scanning features that will automatically scan open ports and produce results without any effort.

Full Reconnaissance

If you work for any organization or company and you have to enumerate the website and extract the vulnerability and give it the result as a file format then you can choose the full scan option because it perform all above scan and produce the result as file format.

After visiting on that directory you can see the results of all scans in file.

Happy Security and Hacking 🙂 !!

About the Author
Shubham Goyal Certified Ethical Hacker, information security analyst, penetration tester and researcher. Can be Contact on Linkedin.

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