Hey Folks, after a long break we have come up with a superior tool for you. The tool we are going to present with you is specially designed to create customizable wordlists and passwords called “Cook“. We can easily create permutations and combinations of words with predefined sets of extensions, words and patterns/function. We can use this tool to easily create complex endpoints and passwords according to our own unique secrets keyword.

Let’s take a look at it 🙂 !!

There are some major problems that will surely come with you, but we have already defended ourselves against errors so don’t worry we will give you solution for this.


After seeing this tool for the first time, we came to know that this tool is designed in GO environment, so we have to install GO utility in our machine to operate this tool.

Now we can install and configure this tool at the same time using only one command. After executing the command then we go to the following location, grab the entire configuration from there and paste it by creating a file called “cook.yaml”.

Now we create an environment variable by using the following command. Now finally we are ready to test the amazing features of this tool.

Understand the Scenario

We have done everything peacefully. Please keep your eyes open because anyone could hardly operate it before knowing the proper usage of this tool. Let me explain 🙂 !! Look at the image below, in which first we need to ingredients to the left side and on the other hand we need to define the pattern we want. Also it is not mandatory that we have to give the same name for those ingredients which have mentioned on the image rather we can keep it according to ourselves. So in our first attempt, we will initially choose two names, put a denominator in the middle and at the end take two more choices of names.

Impressive 🙂 !! See once in the image below how much effective output we get through this tool. For better understanding, we have highlighted the entire command thoroughly.

Create Parameters

Similarly, using the same ingredients and pattern, we can create a word list of parameters.

Archive Wordlist

Sometimes we need a bunch of names to create an archive file in different formats, then we can use this tool.

Create Charset Like Crunch

We can make any kind of charset wordlist, but before that you need to understand all its components.

Nice 🙂 !! As you can see we only have to follow the ingredients and the results are in front of you.

Similarly, in this endeavor we try to add some additional words according to us and we get the same wordlist as we wanted.

Create Numbers

One of the best things that you find in this tool is to make the numerical wordlist in sequence and even this can help you make a list of unintentional phone numbers.

That’s it 🙂 !! We think it will be enough for everyone to get a little knowledge about this tool and even once you have read the entire article carefully it can be easily operated.

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Shubham Goyal Certified Ethical Hacker, information security analyst, penetration tester and researcher. Can be Contact on Linkedin.

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