Hey Folks, in this tutorial we are going to talk with you about a password spraying tool, called a “spraygen“. Spraygen is an password list generator that generates permutations of months, seasons, years, aports tams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), sports scores, “password”, and even Iterable Keyspaces of a specified size. By uses of this tool users can extend the attributes and separators using comma delimited lists of characters.

Let’s take a look 🙂 !!

Installation Spraygen Tool

So folks, we have to install this tool in our system first to operate it, but don’t worry that we have already tested in our system and we will give you only selected commands using which you can easily install this tool.

Done 🙂 !! As you have seen how easily we have installed this tool in your system. Now we can use the help command to check the use of the commands.


In our first attempt, we will create a word list with multiple separators. All you need to do is just give the different-2 separators that you want to keep in your wordlist, but make sure that all separators must be separated by commas. After that the “-t” parameter is used in the command to describe what kind of wordlist we want to create.

Usage 🙂 !! python3 spraygen.py –mode < choose > -s “< add separators >” –type < choose > -o < output >

HMMMM 🙂 !! As you can see it has completed the process of making the wordlist within just 5 seconds. Impressive 🙂

Great 🙂 !! As we had chosen that we need a password list, it has created a wordlist containing the passwords and separators we have given.

Quick Mode

Now this time we will create a wordlist with its “quick mode” feature. Now you will see how much difference comes out in term of wordlist creation.

Usage 🙂 !! python3 spraygen.py –mode < choose > -s “< add separators >” –type < choose > -o < output >

Insane 🙂 !! We have got incredible results as you can see in the image below that the wordlist has been created within just 0.6 seconds which is an aggressive speed ever.

Custom Wordlist

In addition, this tool also allows us to add additional words to our final wordlist. All you need to do is create a wordlist according to yourself and then embed it into the command using the “-w” parameter.

Usage 🙂 !! python3 spraygen.py –mode < choose > -s “< add separators >” –type < choose > -w < location of wordlist > -o < output >

Done 🙂 !! After adding everything just execute the command and you will get the results as per you.

COOL 🙂 !! Not only this, this tool has more interesting features which we will try to include in our upcoming articles.

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