Hey Folks, in this tutorial we’ll show you how attackers increase and decrease their Instagram followers using “instagram-tools“. The tool is coded in node js and specifically designed to do some interesting activity with Instagram accounts. We are giving all the features of this tool which you can read from below.


  • Follow Followers Target by Hastag
  • Follow Followers Target by Location
  • Follow Followers Target by People – with DM
  • Follow Followers Target by People – No Like
  • Follow Followers Target by People – No Comment & Like
  • Repost Media Target by People
  • Repost Media Target by Hashtag
  • Repost Media Target by Link
  • Comment & Like Followers Target by People
  • Comment & Like Followers Target by Hashtag
  • Bom Like Target’s Post
  • Bom Comment Target’s Post
  • Unfollow Not Followback

Let’s take a look 🙂 !!

Install Node JS

As we told you that the tool is coded in node JS that’s why we have to install nodejs tool by using the following command.


Now we will download this tool by using git command and after that go to the directory of this tool. After that we can start this tool with the help of node tool.

Decrease Followers

We have mentioned an instagram account, on which we will test this tool. Just you need to keep in mind all the details that is mentioned on that page.

Now we will select option 17 to unfollow all the followers. After that we will enter the credentials of our account and wait for the results.

BOOM 🙂 !! were surprised when we looked at our Instagram page as you can see that the number of followers has come down from 2245 to 2144.

Similarly, you can also see the results of success or fail through the terminal.

Increase Followers by Personal DM

After selecting the following option, it will only (direct let you send messages) request the peoples to return back and follow their account by DM and through which attackers gain more followers.

After that we need to give account credentials which we want to increase followers.

Done 😀 !! As you can clearly see the tool has started commenting and DMing on people’s posts. This will definitely take some time, but we are sure that you followers will grow after some time.

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Shubham Goyal Certified Ethical Hacker, information security analyst, penetration tester and researcher. Can be Contact on Linkedin.

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