Hey Folks, we will continue our research as we have been doing before and will continue to bring you the best tool so that you can reap the best rewards from companies. Similarly, today we come up with an amazing tool that can cut down your effort to find subdomains and deliver the best results possible.

Let’s Find out 🙂 !!

Dependencies Must be Installed

The tool is securely configured within the python language, so we need to install python and some related dependencies first before we can operate the tool.

Sublist3r Tool Installation

Now coming to the second part of this tool, where we will first download the project from Github, go to the directory and download the required dependencies.

Done :0 !! Everything is setup perfectly and now we can operate this tool directly through Python commands.

Find Subdomain

Finding subdomains through this tool is quite simple as all we have to do is enter the domain name and that’s it.

Good 🙂 !! As you can see how easily it has dumped multiple subdomains with the help of brute forcing technique. It’s quite fast and accurate.

Specific Port

If you want to find the subdomain on which specific port like 80,444,21 etc is running then you can also mention that.

Save Output

There is also an option available to save all your output to any text file.

Amazing 🙂 !! As you can see how your output will look when you open it through “cat” command.

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